Snoring Treatment Hypnotherapy

Snoring Treatment Hypnotherapy can be for you or your partner. Let’s first discuss why we snore:

There are many reasons why people snore. For some, it is because of the shape of their nose or jaw. For others, it’s more likely if they have a swollen tongue or tonsils, or if they bear too much weight around the neck. Yet sometimes your tongue, jaw, throat, or airways in your nose relax and narrow when you sleep which can also cause snoring.

Fatigue, body weight, breastfeeding, sleeping on your back, and drinking alcohol before bedtime are all factors that can cause you to snore.

It may also be exacerbated by a disorder called sleep apnoea, which occurs when the airways become temporarily blocked while sleeping.

Luckily, with the help my snoring treatment hypnotherapy, you could completely stop snoring – provided there is no medical reason for your snoring, you are not overweight or you aren’t excessively drinking.

If one of the 3 above applies to you then hypnotherapy can also help you to drink less or lose weight, but for medical reasons, unfortunately, nothing can be done.

Saying that, if you can’t be helped, then I can work with your partner – who is most likely wanting you to stop snoring – which is why you are here in the first place.

Usually, it takes one, maybe two sessions to stop snoring, so why not make your partner’s dreams a breeze and book yourself in for a stop snoring treatment hypnotherapy session or two.

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