Building Resilience during Challenging Times

This one-hour workshop is basically a Pandemic Stress Management workshop helping you to build resilience during challenging times.


Building resilience is always an important skill to have, especially now that we are facing so much change in every area of our lives. Resilience helps you to keep going forward in life even though things are challenging.

While some studies suggest that resilience is an inborn trait, others say that it can be learned and challenging times like these can certainly bring you great benefits if you are willing to learn and grow.

Every adversity, every hardship, grief, set-back, defeat, loss, or sorrow teaches us a lesson and helps us grow into a better, stronger version than what we were yesterday, however, some may find it harder to deal with than others.

In the workplace, resilience can be applied to employees’ ability to handle anything from a difficult workload to frustrations working at home. Stress, which is a risk factor for disorders like anxiety and depression, is said to be best managed by those with greater resilience.

However, resilience is more than just coping. People who are resilient learn from their mistakes, are often adaptable to new and different circumstances, are confident, and ask for support when they need it.

The biggest learnings we can take from becoming more resilient is to understand that any life stressor is mainly out of our control and by accepting that and only focusing on things within our control, we’ll be able to become much more resilient to life’s curveballs thrown at you.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to recognise the reality of your present situation
  • How to apply good coping strategies to boost your resilience quickly
  • Building resilience through your thoughts
  • Good coping strategies and daily habits you can put in place towards building resilience


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