Stress Therapy

Stress therapy

Stress is inevitable for all of us, however, we have come to normalise stress so much that we don’t even realise when stress is too much!

We tell ourselves – ‘just one more day’, ‘let me just finish this task’, I’ve experienced worse, I can deal with this too’… We have endless excuses we give ourselves instead of really addressing our stress and taking the necessary time out.

I once heard a Native Indian ask ‘What is chasing white people’? ‘Why are they always so rushed and stressed out?’ ‘They never seem calm or focused or even in the moment’.

He is absolutely right. We never allow ourselves to just relax. Our minds are constantly racing – we have indeed normalised stress – so much so that we don’t realise we don’t know how to shut down,

Over time, stress builds up in our bodies and our minds and creates physical symptoms – sometimes to the point that we don’t even know our symptoms are attributed to the very stress we’ve been pretending we don’t have.

Stress can cause our behaviour to change, our emotions to go up and down and it clouds our thinking and destroys relationships.

It is thus imperative that we find our stress triggers and sadly not many people take time out to really explore where their stress is actually coming from. It’s not just our current life situation that causes it, but a mixture of many different things that gradually builds and builds and builds and we are too oblivious to realise it.

Most people also don’t speak up when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed out of fear of being seen as weak, or laughed at, or pushed away. However, the mere act of talking about your stress can be a stress reliever in itself. Also, by telling others about your stress, they may be able to give you a solution or a different perspective on your situation.

You can reach out to friends or family, an EAP, a colleague you feel comfortable with, opening up to your Boss, seeing your GP or getting Stress Therapy.

Unfortunately, Stress Therapy is usually the last resort when a person can no longer handle the situation. If they were to seek help from a therapist sooner, their situation might have greatly improved before things became too much.

So, please, don’t wait until it is almost too late until you are near breaking point. Seek help NOW! Click here to book your free Discovery call.

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