Safety in Mind

I have specifically designed the Safety in Mind Workshop for Construction, however, it can be applied to any industry.
The main take-away from this session is that if you are mentally not in a good place, it is so easy for you to take risks, make mistakes, be impulsive, forget things, unable to focus or concentrate. All of these actions can put you or those around you in danger. More so on a site where a lot can go wrong, but even when you are crossing the road and take a chance jumping in front of a car or a bus, thinking you’ll have enough time to cross the street.


This is a two-hour interactive workshop on Mental Health, Safety, Risks, and Consequences.


The session covers topics such as:

  • Understanding Mental Health better
  • Common types of mental health problems
  • How a person may think, feel emotionally and physically, and how they may behave.
  • The impact of poor mental health at work and in general life
  • The risks and consequences when working, driving, or doing things in general if your mental health is deteriorating
  • What managers can do to help employees who may be struggling
  • What you can do to help yourself or a colleague.

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Safety in Mind

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