Stop Nail Biting with Hypnotherapy

Nail Biting Hypnotherapy can actually eliminate this habit in as little as ONE session!

While nail-biting isn’t a life-threatening habit, it can still have a negative impact on your appearance and even permanently disfigure your fingers. Not only that, but it’s probably a symptom of unmanaged anxiety or tension, which ultimately would be better for you to deal with and clear.

Nail-biting is just a habit, but it stems from something much deeper than that. This is why it is so important to find the root cause.
What started the nail-biting in the first place? What created the program?

Nail-biting is often an unconscious behaviour. If you read through the testimonials below, you will clearly see that there is a deeper meaning to nail-biting. Thus, my aim is to work with the unconscious mind, where this habit was created, find the cause, deal with the cause and create a new, healthier way of dealing with unwanted or negative emotions instead of nail-biting or skin picking.
Once that is found, dealt with, and created, the nail-biting will stop.

To stop nail biting with hypnotherapy, it can typically be resolved in just one session.

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