PMDD Treatment Therapy

PMDD Treatment can help truly help you get your life back!

PMDD is actually a hormone-related problem, but because of all the physical symptoms that women experience because of their fluctuating hormones, it has a huge impact o their mental health.

This is why PMDD Treatment Therapy is so important.

During the month a woman’s hormones would increase and decrease and these fluctuations can cause intense and overwhelming symptoms for some women.

It can cause extreme depression, mood swings, and anxiety in the lead-up to their period. Some women describe it as them turning into a monster, or feeling like an alien in their own body. In the process, driving everyone they love away from them. Others have explained it as pushing the ‘self-destruct’ button and allowing their lives to explode around them for that week or two.

Studies have shown as many as 1 in 20 women suffer from PMDD and yet it is completely understudied and doctors still don’t know what causes it.

However, by delivering my specific PMDD Treatment Therapy I have helped women, struggling like you, in miraculous ways! Sometimes even surprising myself in the process!

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