Prevent Burnout & Fatigue

Burnout and Fatigue can happen to anyone at any time. Burnout is specifically related to long and prolonged job stress.

Exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of diminishing professional capacity are the three primary reasons for burnout.

During this one-hour workshop, we will be focusing on organizational burnout that could potentially lead to fatigue, as well as looking at chronic fatigue. It was specifically created during the pandemic and thus explains how burnout relates to a pandemic or times of crisis and uncertainty.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the causes of burnout & fatigue
  • Common warning signs
  • Preventative coping strategies
  • Burnout during a pandemic
  • You’re showing signs of burnout if you’re tired, starting to dislike your job, and feeling less competent at work.


A person suffering from burnout will begin to show signs and symptoms: 

  •  Physical symptoms
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Distancing from work-related activities
  • Reduced efficiency

To prevent burnout and fatigue in your office employees need to have an awareness and thus this workshop would be extremely valuable in providing them with the resources, knowledge and skills required to prevent that.


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Burnout and Fatigue

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