Nutritional Workshops & Health Screenings

Nutritional Workshops and health screenings are now at your fingertips! We have teamed up with a Healthy eating and Nutrition client to bring you the latest and best information on healthy eating!


Nutritional Workshops and Screenings:

  • Webinars
  • Online Health MOT’s & At Home Health Checks
  • Bite-Sized Videos
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Taster Tables and
  • Targeted Health Programmes

Nutrition and Wellbeing Webinars
60-minute webinars


Our most popular product is our 60-minute webinars. We offer a wide range of subjects which Lisa and Emily really bring alive. We look at how food affects the way the body functions and include practical tips on how to make improvements to your diet. Our webinars are delivered using Zoom or your preferred system. There are two nutritionists on each webinar: one delivers a 50-minute presentation and the other monitors the chat or q&a facility for questions to answer at the end. We highly encourage participants to ask questions – it makes the event more engaging. If you can’t decide what topic to choose, we can offer you a nutritional workshop linked to national awareness campaigns, which you can tie into your own event for maximum impact.
Subjects include:
  • How to Have Great Energy All Day
  • Home Working: Eating Well and Staying Healthy
  • Mental Wellness: Eating for great mental health
  • ***NEW***8 Essential Nutrition and Self-Care Tips for Lockdown
  • A Sharp Mind: Foods that are good for the brain
  • Optimise Your Immune System Naturally
  • Stress and Your Health
  • A Healthy Body: Foods to help reduce aches and pains
  • ***NEW***Nutrition Myths Busted!
  • Menopause Matters
  • Good Gut Health
  • Improving Sleep
  • Focus on Men’s Health
  • Focus on Women’s Health
  • Essential Sports Nutrition
  • Lose weight, gain vitality
  • The Heart of the Matter: top tips for Cardiovascular Health


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Nutritional Workshops

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