Sleep Improvement

Sleep improvement

Sleep and Mental Health go hand-in-hand, yet sleep is often the first thing we give up in favour of something else. We would watch that TV series till the end and just get a few hours less sleep. We will party all night, giving up sleep, and then go to work. We will stay awake a little longer to do something else, yet again – giving up sleep. However, if your sleep is compromised, so will your mental health as it affects your thinking, your behaviour, even your hormones!


This is a 90minute session on why good quality sleep is so important to our physical and mental health and cognitive functions.

This session covers:

  • Sleep facts
  • Sleep and our automatic system
  • Why sleep is important
  • Mental capabilities affected by sleep
  • Sleep Techniques
  • Sleep and Disease
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Sleep Statistics
  • 7 aspects that affect sleep
  • Night owl and Morning Lark
  • Your sleep strategy


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Sleep Improvement

Sleep Introduction

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