Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy can do so much more than just taking medication!

From time to time, everybody feels low, sad, or moody.  Depression, on the other hand, is a severe mental health problem in which depression, your low mood, sadness or simply feeling empty lasts for weeks, months, or even years. It is a real illness and it can affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically – your body, mood, and thoughts.

Depression Therapy has the power to alter the way you think about your situation and open your mind to the prospect of being free from depression.

Luckily, there is help available, but it needs to be treated quickly and effectively or else it can worsen and like any other illness, depression also has variations.

As part of my Depression therapy, I also make use of Hypnotherapy, which is an effective method for assisting individuals in overcoming past trauma and depression, which may be at the root of depressive symptoms.

Since there are many causes of depression, Depression therapy will focus on the particular problems that are affecting you in a compassionate and encouraging manner.

During my Depression Therapy sessions with you, I will teach you how to structure the way you feel and think, methods and techniques for creating a new thinking process, and how to overcome past problems that might be holding you trapped in a depressive state of mind.


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Depression Therapy

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