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Phobias are fears that are irrational and incapacitating and eliminating these with Phobia Hypnotherapy is so much easier than living with the fear!

We only have two inborn fears – the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are learned fears, and thankfully, anything the mind has learned can be unlearned.

That’s fantastic news if you’re dealing with an irrational fear or phobia, which is what fear is: irrational. I often have clients tell me about their fear and how they know it is stupid but they just can’t help it. Your conscious mind may think it’s a silly fear, but your unconscious mind does not.

Remember, your unconscious is always there to protect you and it created this fear for you in order to protect you.

Yes, maybe your fear started when you were a little kid, but it didn’t really stop you from doing things until many many years later when suddenly, something triggered an old memory and BAM! You’re in a full-blown fear and now just can’t shake it.

You avoid things or places in fear of this fear. Ultimately, you know you need help and this is why you are here.

And I’m so thankful that you have found me because you truly can be free from your fear or phobia and the beauty of it is that it most likely won’t even take long to be gone for good!


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Fear & Phobia Hypnotherapy

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