Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

No two people are built the same – not their minds and not their bodies. That is why there is no “one-size-fits-all” weight loss hypnotherapy programme.


How does weight loss hypnotherapy work?

The first thing is to find out what your struggles around weight are. Then we look at your goals. I have different weight management programmes available. During the initial consultation, we will discuss in more depth which hypnotherapy for weight loss programme is most suitable for you.

Through Advanced Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and NLP you will be able to manage your weight in a way you’ve probably never tried before.

Managing your weight and ultimately losing weight is easier than you think! Weight loss hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind. Your feelings or emotions, patterns, behaviours, and unconscious motivations influence your weight. It works on a deeper level for you, allowing you to feel healthier rather than just thinking you should be healthier. This makes it possible for you to change your thinking patterns, old habits and behaviours and gain control over cravings.

Diets and nutrition place the focus on what and how often you eat. Weight loss hypnotherapy, on the other hand, changes how you feel about what you eat. For example, on a diet, you might drink a healthy smoothie and wish you were eating a cake. With weight loss hypnotherapy, you can learn to enjoy the smoothie and not give the cake a second thought! Or have that cake, but only just enough to satisfy your need.

Rewind Your Mind weight loss hypnotherapy programmes

I’m a fully certified Hypno-band Practitioner if that is of interest to you or if you qualify for that programme. Otherwise, I also offer the WHY Programme (Weight, Hypnotherapy and You), The Slim4Sure4Ever Programme, and the YES Programme (Your Esteemed Self) Weight Management Programme. Then of course, there are more tailored programmes should none of these “fit” you.

Ultimately, there’s A LOT that can be done to help you with successful weight loss through hypnotherapy and I always strive to tailor a session specific to your goals and your requirements.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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