Vaginismus Treatment Therapy

Most people would think that vaginismus is a physical condition. However, it is actually a psychological condition where a person develops a fear of vaginal penetration.

The good news is that this fear can be completely eliminated with Vaginismus Treatment Therapy.

Symptoms of vaginismus

There are a few different symptoms that a woman could experience but the main symptom is the contracting of the vaginal muscles, causing painful sex.
You physically have no control over it, but your unconscious mind is immediately in charge of contracting these muscles.

It can be a very painful experience and some women sadly suffer for years on end, not knowing that there is help, what the root cause is, how or why it started and how to make it disappear.

Unfortunately, like any fear, the more you think about it or worry about it, the worse it gets as you give your focus and attention consciously to this problem, thereby compounding the initial fears and worries.


There is a solution!

The beauty of Hypnotherapy and Mind MeDiation is that we can easily delve deeper, getting to the root cause quickly, and allow the unconscious mind to make the necessary changes.

I’ve helped plenty of women to overcome their vaginismus and usually it only takes about two, maybe three sessions. So you can say goodbye to painful or uncomfortable sex and start enjoying your life to the fullest in no time!

Read the testimonials below to get a better understanding if you like or jump on an initial call with me to discuss your issue and let’s get you started with Vaginismus Treatment Therapy as soon as possible.

You can also save by Bundling 3 Sessions, or Bundling 5 Sessions.

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