Circle of Confidence

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing control in certain situations? Do you feel lost or scared, worried, stressed or emotional? Do you require specific resources like confidence, clear thinking, calmness or the like?
Think about situations like public speaking, going for an interview, being in trouble with school…

Most of us feel anxious or stressed in such situations, but sometimes we can be totally in control.

HOW you ask?

Here is a simple trick you can try. Practice makes perfect so get yourself ready and prepare for that interview, that presentation, meeting, or event by practicing the below.

I have even created a little video for you to follow and will post the steps here too.

Here are the steps to gain confidence and other resources:

  1. Think of a situation coming up that makes you feel anxious, nervous, stressed, worried etc.
  2. Remember a past situation where you felt the same feelings and emotions.
  3. Imagine a circle in front of you (you can even draw a circle or place a hula hoop in front of you.
  4. Think of the past event and step forward into the circle.
  5. What resources do you need to help you deal with this past event successfully? Confidence, success, focus, clear mind, calmness etc…
    It can even be resources other people have. Resources you don’t yet have but would like to have.
  6. Step out of your circle.
  7. Think of a resurces and when you had that resource or when you saw someone else showing that resrouce that you want.
  8. Step into the circle
  9. Think of this resource. How would you feel, what would you see, think or hear when you posess that resource?
  10. Make that feeling stronger and stronger, building it up more and more, hear, see, feel it. Once it is at it’s strongest point, step out of that circle.
  11. You can either repeat the same resource a few times or pick a new resource each time. Think of it. Step in circle, build it up stronger and stronger. Step out of circle, do next resource or repeat.
  12. Once you are done. Open your eyes and reorientate yourself. Take a deep breathe.
  13. Close your eyes.
  14. Think of a future event – perhaps the event you are nervous about.
  15. Step forward into circle and bring all these good resources that you practiced with you. Build these resources into your future event. See yourself with confidence, feeling calm, being successful, not being stressed etcetc. Buildi it up stronger and stronger.
  16. Step out of circle, open your eyes. Think of something else.
  17. Step forward in circle, repeat the last few steps again and again and realise that you actually already possess these resources. You just had to activate it.

How was it for you?

If you’ve tried this method a few times on something specific, let me know how was it for you? I’d love to hear your outcome!