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Rewind Your Mind – Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

You have a problem and I have a solution, which is why you are most likely here right now.  Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

Everybody has some recurring negative thoughts, phobias, fears, problems, and stressors in their lives. Most people will experience trauma, anxiety, stress, or some other problem at some point in their lives. Your ideas, anxieties, fears, and behaviours affect a lot of people and keep you from realising your full potential. This could be anything from having trouble quitting smoking or losing weight to feeling overwhelmed, having a hormone imbalance, or lacking confidence. Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

You have the ability to change your thoughts and behaviours. Whether your goals are to lose weight, boost confidence, or simply be happier and more content. Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and Mind Mediation can all be used to help people successfully modify their behaviour. You can acquire more socially acceptable approaches to thinking and acting after sessions. This enables you to react differently to a variety of things, including cravings, places, people, circumstances, events, feelings, thoughts and addictions. Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

By identifying the root cause of the problem, the sessions I offer enable you to see results quickly. Your physical and mental health gradually get better as you embrace new, empowering thought patterns and make small mental changes.

Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

Let me help you build the safe, happy, and healthy life you deserve.  Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon

As a clinical hypnotherapist, mind mediator, and psychotherapist, I practise in London, Surrey, and online. In addition, I do workshops on mental health issues for employers. Hypnotherapy in Coulsdon


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Treatment Options

Anxiety Therapy
Fears & Phobias
Panic Attack Hypnotherapy
Stress Therapy
IBS Hypnotherapy
Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
Hormone Therapy
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Pain Management
Period Pain Help
Trichotillomania Stop Hair Pulling
Menopause Treatment & Therapy
Bruxism Treatment
Nail Biting Treatment
Other Issues

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