Mental Health: The REAL reason why we are different

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Mental Health: The REAL reason why we are different

Do you want to be ticking boxes or actually make a difference? Mental Health

Mental health shouldn’t be a tick box exercise as and when there’s a ‘special occasion’ on the calendar – such as Mental Health Awareness Day or the like. We’ve been looking at other companies, how they present their workshops, and their processes, but we do things in a different way. We help companies not just to tick a box to say they’ve done a stress course, but we actually help employees to really make a change in their life – to the benefit of themselves, family, friends, and of course the company they work for. The key though is REGULAR SESSIONS. It simply cannot be just now and then or for a short period of time. It is also important for staff to build a relationship with those (such as myself) who delivers the workshops. That way, they get to know US, they feel more comfortable over time to open up, to speak up, to ask for help.

So even though you may want to bring in some variety, and variety certainly is good, plus there is nothing wrong with using various companies to deliver mental health and wellbeing sessions, but it is always important to have the same people back on a regular basis to build that rapport with employees.

Watch our video to find out exactly what we do and how we can help you.

UPDATE: Since creating this video 3 years ago, we have made so many improvements and added additional sessions, techniques, and processes to the way we deliver our workshops. We have also designed a One Year ‘Done-for-You’ Wellbeing plan which really focuses on bringing mental health and wellness to the top of the agenda on a regular basis – thereby absolutely eliminating the tick box exercise for mental health.