Wellbeing Wednesday 10@10

Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday 10@10

Here’s an idea that is so easy to implement, yet many companies fail to do it.

Let me explain. Every morning (or if you like one day a week, for example, Wellbeing Wednesday 10@10), gather everyone in the office for a quick wellness discussion. This could literally be about anything!

I’ll give you a few examples below:

The 3 Gratitudes exercise:

A simple daily exercise called “The Three Gratitudes” is one of the best ways to train yourself in thankfulness.
Here’s how you can do it:

Ask employees to make a new list of three specific things they are grateful for each day. They can start by writing something down right there where they are, or go around the room and ask a few to shout out their top 3.
You might want to make this a public thing to do (i.e., let people share it on post-it notes on a notice board in the office)

To make thankfulness a habit, do this every day for three weeks. After three weeks, you will:

a) have a powerful list of 63 things per person for which they are grateful; b) have a powerful list of 63 things per person, for which they are grateful; and c) have a powerful list of 63 things, per person, for which you are grateful.

2) Have you taught your brain to look for the good in everything?
3) Be noticeably happier, more productive, and more successful!

Allow time for people to write down their first three ideas (on their phones, a sticky note, a notepad etc) but do encourage them to share it on a wall.

If there is still time, talk about the advantages of being grateful. Solicit a list of a few from the audience.

Here’s a rundown of a few of gratitude’s most amazing advantages:
• Assisting people in developing good habits.
• Increase your feelings of happiness and calmness.
• Empathy and resiliency will both improve.
• Assist people in meeting their financial objectives.
• Make sleeping easier.
• Allow more relationships to enter your life.
• Boost mental fortitude and self-confidence.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Five Minute Mindfulness Exercise

• First, set a five-minute timer.

• For the next 5 minutes, ask participants to put their phones on silent.

• Request that everyone in the group takes a comfortable seat.

• Ask them to close their eyes or cast their gaze downward while breathing normally.

• If a group member’s thoughts “wander,” encourage them to softly say “thinking” in their heads, then gently return their attention to their breathing.

• Request that everyone remain silent until the end of the exercise for the sake of those around them.

• When the timer goes off, ask everyone in the group to take note of how they’re feeling.

Encourage them to keep that positive attitude for the rest of the day.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Physical Activity

Gather a group around and talk about the general concept of physical wellness and discuss strategies to implement this dimension in everyday life.

Discussion Topics Suggestions
• What do you think I’m talking about when I say physical wellness?
• Tell us about a physical activity you’ve recently started or plan to start soon.
• Do you work with a personal trainer, exercise with a friend, or exercise alone? If you work with a Personal Trainer, who do you work with and how do you collaborate?
• Describe some simple strategies for incorporating healthy eating into your daily routine (nuts instead of candy, water or unsweetened drinks instead of soda, raw veggies instead of chips, etc.).
• What is your definition of physical activity?

· What personal challenges do/have you faced incorporating new wellness activities or “healthy habits?”

· What benefits do you see of exercising and good healthy eating that can help manage stress? · What makes it difficult to change your thoughts and perceptions around physical wellness?
            o How can others help you see physical wellness in a different way?
            o How can you help others see physical wellness in a different way?

If there is still time left, just for fun – let everyone do a quick wall sit for 1 minute and see who lasts the longest!

Wellbeing Wednesday


So, as you can see, introducing Wellbeing Wednesday can be super simple with plenty of wellbeing topics to discuss, find online, or create your own.

Every week can also be presented by another volunteer or maybe you have one person that’s so fantastic he should be the Master of Ceremony at every wedding!

What are you waiting for? Go and implement your Wellbeing Wednesday this week!

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