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Trichotillomania hair pulling

Hypnotherapy for Trichotillomania: Breaking Free from Hair Pulling

Introduction: Trichotillomania, the compulsion to pull out one’s hair, is a complex and often misunderstood mental health disorder. If you’re navigating this challenging journey, know that you’re not alone. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how...

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Benefits of therapy

Demystifying Therapy: What to Expect and Why It’s Helpful

For many, the idea of therapy or counselling can be daunting, shrouded in myths and misconceptions. But as more and more people turn to professional help for their mental health, it’s crucial that we understand the benefits of therapy....

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Strategies for balance

Mental Health and Remote Work: Strategies for Balance

The shift towards remote work, driven by the need for social distancing during the global pandemic, was a drastic change for many professionals. While it offered some undeniable conveniences, such as eliminating the daily commute or allowing a more...

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